autumn and gerards match+rimonial honeymoon


to our family and friends, we thank you so much for your love and congratulations.

we are hoping that with our sowing, we confirm the strong foundations from which our seeds were born- we are determined to continue in your examples of encouragement. it is partly because of your support that we feel inspired to explore,  thereby discovering what will work for our unique roots to flourish and support a family of our own.

if you are interested in our near plans, the following describes our dream honeymoon.


paree, paree!

we have decided to experience what the romantic city of light has to offer.  our love of culture (wine) and architecture, has captured our attention as the perfect place to celebrate. we have a rough idea of what we want to do, keeping in mind that its our week- not paris’s. it should help that we plan on going the first week of december away from the crowds of tourist season. there is nothing more romantic than snuggling with your honey.

the amazing hotel we want to stay in:

Hotel de la Sorbonne

believe it or not, this hotel is considered cheap at 220 dollars a night. it seems that hotels go from seedy to palatial in a blink. this one is modern but with a fresh, hip restoration and decor. we wanted to stay on the left bank for the art, books, and cafes-  and next to the sorbonne.  we are interested in meeting and discussing with students in the neighborhood about culture and politics. this should be perfect.



of course no trip to paris is complete without a cruise down the seine river and some sightseeing, right? well anyway it will help us become familiar with our surroundings from the onset:


the next day we want to explore the famous art nouveau architecture and tour the louvre at night



and the number two attraction in paris: cimetiere du pere-lachaise, the cemetery where  we can pay homage to many excellent dead people. later that day we would like to take in a wine tasting that is offered near our hotel that takes us walking from cafe to cafe trying lesser known varietals, the left bank paris wine promenade



we also want to visit the historic section of town called le marais. originally it was cleared of marsh by the knights templar and very much bourgeois. later it became a nazi target. today it has remained as true as possible to its heritage and includes the picasso museum. there is also a new art museum we would like to visit on the left bank called le palais de tokyo, it should be fresh and innovative.



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